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Avv. Domenico BarbarinoAvv. Domenico Barbarino


The lawyer Domenico Francesco Danilo Maria Barbarino was born in Catania on 09.06.1965.
He graduated in law from the Faculty of law of Catania on March 28 1990.
– Carries out notarial practice biennale following the lectures given at the Notary School “Jacopo Da Lentini” in Catania.
– Enabling the practice of law in November 1993, enrolling in June 1994 from 14 lawyers in Catania.
Since September 2006, is admitted to plead at the Supreme Court and the higher courts.
– He was Secretary of the Scientific Committee of forensic Association National Lawyers Association A.N.A.C. Christians.
– Speaker at conferences in administrative law and money laundering pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2007.
– President and founder of conciliation, mediation and Arbitration Association Concord and Conciliator enabled.
– Plays the role of Professional sales officer assiduously enforcement proceedings in the Court of Catania’s
– Defender of local governments before the TAR to the Sicilian region and before the C.G.A.
– Covers the role of curator in several bankruptcy proceedings at the Court of Catania.
After more than 25 years of uninterrupted work and study, has gained considerable professional experience throughout the industry, particularly in the field of civil enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy, concerning tax payments; of public and private employment. It also has extensive experience in tax litigation.
Finally, always attracted by administrative law, has acquired over the years a special experience in administrative procedural law.